The practice of Lucy Patten
BA (HONS), PG Dip, Dip. 
and Helen Patten BA (HONS), Dip. SW.

The Patten Practice is an expert service, overseen by lead practitioners Lucy Patten and Helen Patten who have over 40 years of experience in supporting people. Lucy is a qualified therapist and wellbeing expert who specialises in supporting individuals therapeutically as well as working with organisations and professionals to improve practitioner wellbeing. Lucy is experienced in working with adults, as well as children and families. Both Lucy and Helen are qualified and experienced Social Workers.


The Patten Practice provides confidential therapeutic sessions online and by phone. Counselling can support you in making positive changes and can support you through challenges both present, and historical. Counselling can be effective in supporting you through difficulties in relationships, increasing self-esteem, feeling low, stress and anxiety, loss and bereavement, financial worries, confidence and much more. 


Lucy provides professional counselling supervision as well as supportive, wellbeing supervision to social workers. 

Helen is an expereinced social work manager, having worked as a Team Manager and Service Manager. Helen provides expert social work supervision.

Wellbeing 6 Week Program

This online bespoke program provides you with one to one confidential sessions with Lucy. The program focusses on your wellbeing, esteem and confidence, taking in to account your personal goals. 

This program is also available to professionals seeking to improve their wellbeing and work/ life balance. ​​

Please note, all sessions are currently online or by phone. 

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